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About Santa Barbara
Royal Family Kids Camp

Welcome to the beautiful world of Royal Family KIDS!!! Our faith-based mission is to positively impact the lives of children in Santa Barbara County, ages 7-11, who have been victims of abuse, neglect and abandonment by providing life-changing experiences and creating positive memories. We accomplish this through a week long residential camp and our year-long club and mentoring program.

Royal Family Kids of Santa Barbara was founded in 2001.

Through partnership with local churches, and generous donations from area businesses and individuals with a heart for these children, we are able to provide this week of “Royal Treatment” at no cost to the camper or their families/caregivers.

While at camp, children participate in activities that are purposefully designed to be fun, non-competitive and non-threatening.


I am part of royal Family because I love watching our campers throughout the week and getting to witness their “moment.”  When they light up at a compliment or shine when they conquer the rock wall.  That moment when they swim across the pool for the first time or hear the applause and cheers directed at them during the talent show.  These kids who are hurting and broken get to feel loved and valued and they get to take those experiences and memories with them when they leave camp. 


I am a part of Royal Family because I believe that how we treat children in our community matters.  RFKC gives kids a chance to see themselves in a new light, and that can change everything.  They hear they are chosen, valued, loved.  They get to experience healing in the context of healthy, positive relationships with our volunteers and with each other.  Instead of seeing the world as primarily a dangerous, hurtful place, they get glimpses of joy and adventure.  These moments can give them safe spaces to return to, and be a launching point for discovering who they are uniquely created to be.

Sandra Edgar & Becca McNees
Camp Directors

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Our camper to counselor ratio is 2:1 and at least 40 additional staff add to the fun!

God’s love is modeled consistently through our trained staff which includes Camp Aunts, Uncles, and Camp Grandparents…you could say it’s one big “family”!

Each camper is sure to feel supported as they enjoy games, sports, swimming, activity centers, bible stories, woodworking, archery, drama, and the crowd favorite–“Everybody’s Birthday Party”!

We believe every child is valuable and should have positive experiences and memories to thrive in life. We believe healthy interaction between adults and children has the power to change the trajectory of lives. We believe the best antidote to adverse childhood experiences is strong positive childhood experiences that will build a healthy self-image and resilience for the future – their future CAN be better! We believe impacting the lives of children in foster care now will also directly impact the quality of life in our community and future generations.


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